Fire Suppression

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems (GFSS) are designed to extinguish a fire within an area quickly, safely and with minimal mess or damage. Namely used in industrial or commercial premises and in particular Data Control Rooms (Computer Suites etc.), the system releases a clear and odourless gas to extinguish the fire which disappears quickly, leaving very little trace.

This form of fire safety is ideal for electrical fires, protecting areas where sensitive equipment can be found, e.g. server rooms, data centres and areas within aviation to name a few.

Working to British Standards 5839, part 1, 2017 and 15004, part 1, 2019, Anglia Fire Protection will design and install the correct Gaseous Fire Suppression System for your particular needs to ensure your premises are protected in the best way possible.


Service & Maintenance

Already have a Gaseous Fire Suppression System? No problem at all. As with all fire safety systems, GFSS require regular servicing and maintenance, which we are able to help with. So why not give us a call today to find out more.



Are you in need of a GFSS? Do you currently have one but it needs replacing or updating? Then please contact us to find out how Anglia Fire Protection can help.

For further information about Fire Suppression Systems or for any advice, please call us on 01376 345677.

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