Fire Safety in the Home

Posted 7/12/2021 2:47:27 PM

Anglia Fire Protection UK

Fire safety should be common sense. Unfortunately life gets in the way, people are busy and get careless, making mistakes which can be costly. Continue reading for further advice on how to reduce the risk of fire within your home, particularly in the kitchen.

Now you have your Fire Safety measures in place, it's worth looking at what you can do day to day to reduce the risk of any fire starting in the first place. Unsurprisingly, the room most at risk is the kitchen. Stating the obvious? Maybe. But here are some things to consider to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


> Avoid cooking under the influence of alcohol

> Avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone when cooking on the hob & keep pan handles out of their reach

> Keep towels & cloths away from the cooker and hob

> Be aware of the clothing you're wearing. Loose fitting clothing is more likely to catch fire.

> Always check things are switched off when you're finished using them

> Keep electrical appliances away from water

> Keep appliances clean. A build up of fat and grease on hobs, cookers and grills can ignite fires

> Deep fat fryers, hot oil sets light easily. ALWAYS take extra care

> If the oil starts to smoke, it's too hot. Turn the heat off & allow to cool


Pan fire? Don't take any risks. Turn off the heat if it's safe for you to do so and DO NOT throw water on it. Don't tackle the fire yourself. Seek assistance straight away.


Get out. Stay out. Call 999


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