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Posted 8/4/2022 1:39:43 PM

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We've all seen the reports recently of the wildfires seen around the UK. Although these incidents have been seen before, the level of reports this year have been unprecedented.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to help reduce the risk of these fires starting.

As temperatures are set to continue to rise in the UK, reports like those seen on 19.07.22 may become more frequent. Dry spells like those we've had recently make for perfect conditions for fire to start & spread quickly. The ground is dry and any plant life is dryer too, making it perfect fuel for a fire. Add to that, the better weather means we’re more inclined to be out and about, having barbeques, camping, firepits, the list goes on. All of these activities run the risk of fire getting out of control.


Here are some tips to follow to reduce the risk of fire and to manage fires effectively and safely to prevent them getting out of hand.

1. Dispose of cigarette ends properly - don't drop them whilst still lit. Make sure they’re fully extinguished and disposed of properly. Not only is it littering and unsafe for the environment and wildlife for cigarette ends to be dropped on the ground, if they are still smouldering when dropped or put in the bin, they can reignite and cause materials around them to catch too.

2. NEVER throw lighted cigarettes from a car window. As above, they could cause fires in fields and moorland. Not only that, they could also land in farmland, destroying crops and causing thousands of pounds in damages.

3.. Make sure all litter goes in the bin - glass can magnify and focus the sun's rays causing ignition & paper etc. is combustible.

4. Pay attention to rules regarding BBQs & campfires - the rules in public spaces are there for a reason. If an area does not allow these items / activities, respect that rule.

5. If you use a disposable BBQ or have a campfire, ensure you do it safely. Please continue reading for further guidance.

6. If you see a fire, dial 999 & report it immediately, providing as much detail as possible - don't assume someone else has already reported it. The chances are they haven't. If the fire requires more than a bucket of water to extinguish it, do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself.


BBQs and Campfires

  1. Ensure it’s on a fire-resistant base, such as bricks, paving slabs or similar, raised from the ground.
  2. Clear the surrounding area to prevent any sparks igniting. Creating a surrounding barrier, particularly with campfires, will help slow the spread of the fire.
  3. Keep a bucket of water or hose to hand. Should the fire start to get out of hand, this will help instantly dampen it down.
  4. NEVER leave any flame unattended. It only takes seconds for a fire to get out of control.
  5. Ensure the fire is fully extinguished and cold before disposing of the BBQ or leaving the fire site. Drowning the flames and flammable materials will help cool them and prevent them from reigniting.


Fires have a huge impact and can cause thousands of pounds of damages, not to mention the significant risk to life. Not only do our fire fighters have to put themselves at risk to tackle them, whilst attending fires on moorlands, roadsides, etc. they are unable to leave and attend further reports of fire until the site is deemed safe to be left.

In this dry weather, fire will spread more quickly than normal. Remember, fire can kill and should be taken seriously. Enjoy yourselves this summer but please do it safely.

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